K9 Web Protection Download

K9 Web Protection is an easy-to-use program for monitoring children's activities on the Internet. K9 Web Protection has a built-in filtering module for all obscure portals on the web. With the help of the K9 Web Protection, you will be able to block access to websites intended for adults, pornographic websites, gambling pages and a huge assortment of other adult-only content.

The application will also help protect your computer against viruses, malware, and spyware. K9 Web Protection monitors all visited web addresses during each session of Internet browsing and creates special logs which can be viewed at any time should you wish to check up on things. You can set the list of blocked websites on your own (manually) or select specific portals from among 69 ready-made categories. K9 Web Protection also comes with special filters for YouTube. The application is compatible with the majority of antivirus and firewalls available on the market.