CDR Viewer Download

CDR Viewer is an image browser, created specifically to handle Corel DRAW files saved in CDR format. This vector graphics format cannot be browsed by the majority of popular graphics programs.

Apart from CDR format files support, this application can also handle JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF format files. The interface of the program is extremely easy in use and user-friendly. With this program you will be able to zoom your images (using either your mouse of a slide) as well as rotate them by the angle of 90 degrees. The most important feature in CDR Viewer is its ability to convert and change the size of CDR format files. This way you will be able to change the format of a file to, e.g.m JPG and open it in your favourite application. The program proves very useful, as it allows to open CDR files without having the paid Corel DRAW suite.