Dev-C++ Download

Dev-C++ is a type of programming software that is used for creating various applications. This utility brings a lot of useful features, primarily designed for elementary programming needs.
The interface is quite simple, however, users must have some previous experience in using this type of software. All the options are at hand. You are also provided with useful application’s documentation that is helpful in case you have some doubts and problems concerning some functions and operations. The process of installation is straightforward and speedy. In addition, the tool is quite light on hardware resources, unlike most of its rivals.

Dev-C++ supports numerous file formats including .C, .CPP, .CC, .C++. It also enables users to work with header files with the following extensions: .H, .HPP, .HH, .RH.  In addition, Dev-C++ supports resource scripts and makes it possible for users save their projects in the .DEV format. It is also equipped with debugging and compiling commands. Moreover, Dev-C++ is highly configurable as far as compiler, editor, and environment are concerned, so that users are allowed to customize them according to their individual needs.

Besides its obvious advantages, Dev-C++ has one serious glitch, namely it has not been updated for years. As a result, the software is currently unattractive for advanced users.
All things considered, Dev-C++ is not a feat for all users since it has quite basic functions. However, it is adequate for those users who do not need to have any sophisticated and modern features.