Merge MP3 Download

Merge MP3 is a program with a self-explanatory name because it is used to merge various Mp3 files into a one big audio file. You are not limited by size, length or number- you can merge as many files as you wish. What is more, you don’t need to spend time installing it because it is a portable software which can be placed on a removable drive and used directly from it.

The interface of Merge MP3 is designed for its ease of use, so it lacks complex functionality and can be handled by all user levels. It does not include any help file for those who need some guidance while working with it. Definitely, a few improvements need to be made with it. In order to start merging files, users need to import audio tracks into the list by using ‘drag and drop’ method or the file browser. The list provides info about the source path, size and date of each file as well as its short name.

To further proceed with encoding, users are required to specify the filename and the output destination. Moreover, users are allowed to edit ID3 tags as far as title, artist, album and year are concerned. Besides, the tool lets for previewing songs in media player (which is built-in), importing and exporting playlists as well as sorting files. ‘The Preferences’ give users the possibility to merge duplicate files without further warning and by employing the raw stream mode or set the program to automatically check for updates.

Finally it is worth to mention that the speed of merging files is fast, the tool uses a moderate of system resources and it maintains the good quality of sound.

To sum it up, Merge MP3 works exactly as it is advertised-it is fast, effective and simple tool for merging MP3s. Definitely worth trying it out.