SRS Audio Sandbox Download

SRS Audio Sandbox is a nice tool that noticeably modifies and improves the quality of the sound during the playback of media files. This is a reliable program that can be primarily recommended to computers that are not equipped with advanced sound cards. It is a kind of plug-in to your media player.
The SRS Audio Sandbox can easily replace an additional sound card, as it offers similar functionality. Although the application does not achieve such effects as a professional sound card, but it certainly improves the output sound thanks to the integrated sound processor.

SRS Audio Sandbox is as simple as a pie - the tool runs in the background and enhances the sound before it arrives to your speakers. The program also improves the sound in games using a variety of effects. The tool is also equipped with a graphic equalizer and many default profiles which can be easily configured to your needs and preferences. The program offers 14 days trial.