Sony Ericsson PC Suite Download

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite is the official tool of Sony Ericson company that helps you sync your personal information between your phone and the PC.
Sony Ericsson PC Suite brings a comprehensive set of useful tools to help you get the most out of your phone. Some quick example are: you can synchronize your phone with your PC to make sure that data is always up-to-date, backup your data, browse the internet on your computer using your phone, and even repair certain flaws.

Once you fire up the program, you’re presented with multiple connection types such as USB Cable, Bluetooth or Infrared, each of them can be used depending on your possibilities. The fastest method is through USB. The interface of Sony Ericsson PC Suite is old-fashioned but simple, the gray color scheme is a bit ugly. It is incredibly easy to use, so even beginners will find it easy to work with.

Under the Tools, the following options are available: Synchronization, Backup & Restore, Internet Connection and Phone repair. The Editors section lets users manage their files. There is an easy to use file explorer that enables you to transfer files between your computer and your phone using drag and drop method. You can also manage your text messages and edit photos saved on your phone. Sony Ericsson PC Suite brings to table the calendar sync, which lets users transfer their appointments into Outlook calendar, and the other way round.

All in all, if you own Sony Ericsson GSM mobile phone, Sony Ericsson PC Suite is your must have tool. It comes in handy with all the necessary tool to let you easily manage your phone, while comprising some additional features, for instance, for accessing the Internet on PC.