AutoHotkey_L Download

AutoHotKey_L is a free tool that will run in the background of your system, giving you the ability to write and run scripts related to keyboard shortcuts. The scripting language is incredibly simple and logical, all you need is basic knowledge of English. The macros written in the program allow you to automate virtually every activity on the computer and assign them to specific keys.

Using AutoHotKey_L, you can create scripts and easily write a number of commands you can issue to your computer using the keyboard, which means that you can, for example, compile an application that takes us directly to the appropriate place in the Start menu or launches a specific website. You can also download AHK scripts from the Internet, thanks to the kindness of other users.

The created scripts can be compiled into executable EXE files and then forwarded to people who do not have AutoHotKey_L installed. To write scripts, all you need is a notebook in which you can manually save files to using the .AHK format. Compile scripts to EXE format by right-clicking and selecting the "Compile Script" function from the context menu. The AutoHotKey_L version is an improved version of the classic AutoHotKey program. The creator of this release added many additional features while keeping the library compatible with scripts written for the basic AutoHotKey version.