MagicBerry Download

MagicBerry is a simple application for managing, converting and exchanging files between your PC and Blackberry devices. It allows you to edit the database, back up disk, transfer the data from your PC to a Blacberry device and the other way round, and convert files to a format compatible with Blackberry, namely in the IPD/BBB file.

The program takes advantage of hosting some basic features. You can connect and share files, unpack messages, contacts, view and edit your phone calls, and even store the data in a CSV or text files. It works with WiFi, MMS, and Internet applications such as Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo.
Another great feature, lets you send SMS messages, add notes, tasks, edit the address book (which you can later import into a Blackberry). There is also a built-in calendar. The main menu enables you to check the network name, IP address, port, select the format conversion, and set shortcuts for the commands.