Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario Forever Download

Who does not remember the adventures of a small, brave plumber who travels a two-dimensional world to fight with the enemies to free up  the beautiful princess? Still many people with a tear in their eye remember hours spent at the console passing the levels. Fortunately, thanks to the free game Super Mario Bros 3: Mario Forever, we can go back in time.

Super Mario Bros 3: Mario Forever is faithful to the original format but in a modern version, which easily runs on most PCs. Of course, the game is completely free, takes only 14.5 MB , and it will run even on the older machines.

The rules of the game has not changed much- it's hard to find someone who had never heard of Super Mario. The gamers take on the role of mustachioed plumber who explores the secret fantasy world packed with creatures, encounters many dangers and traps. The gameplay does not differ from the console – it is two-dimensional, the chubby plumber goes to the right side of the screen. Worth noting is the diversity of levels, which is really impressive. There are a over 50 worlds to play in plus several bonus worlds  as well as a secret level.  It is a great clone of Super Mario that will definitely appease fans of the game.