Virtual DJ Prophet - Turntable Mixing Studio Download

Virtual DJ Prophet-Turntable Mixing Studio is the software that makes it possible to mix MP3s, WMAs, and WAVs like a professional DJ. The software benefits from two digital turntables.
The number and quality of features included in this software are impressive. It imitates the real DJ console with equally powerful options.

There are some extras comprised in Virtual DJ Prophet such as a CD Ripper, CD Burner, Aux input channel, WAV Editor, and Recorder.
The interface is clean and user-friendly. Its background resembles desktop wallpaper but users can easily disable it by entering Settings and clicking on deselecting the background check box. Moreover, the interface can be displaced around the screen. All the options are split into well-defined areas, e.g. the decks and mixing console are situated over the playlist and track selection panel.
Working with Virtual DJ Prophet is a piece of cake and involves taking a few steps. First, users must load a certain song and select the starting point. Then, they have to shift the turntable’s tonearm from the cue rest to the disc start.

All things considered, Virtual DJ Prophet is a nice feature-laden application that gives users the possibility to use miscellaneous options, when mixing songs.