WorkTime Download

WorkTime has been especially tailored to serve as a time-tracking application. It carefully analyses the time users spend using their PC. It collects information about applications that are being used, opened documents, and visited websites. In addition, WorkTime is very accurate and adjustable. It comes with a wide array of features, e.g. it enables its users to track chosen applications only or it automatically pauses when computer is inactive.

The interface of WorkTime is simple and straightforward, it is only a small square placed in the right corner of screen. It also contains Help file but it is suitable for all types of users, starting from newcomers to advanced users, so that everyone will handle with it. The use of WorkTime involves three steps. The first includes configuring User, Client and Project data. Then, the program tracks time spent on working. Finally, a precise report is produced which contains graphs that can be immediately printed or send.

Additionally, entering Reports on the View menu gives users various possibilities to customize tools responsible for making reports, e.g. projects or workstations can be filtered, grouped, or compared. Users are presented with the information how much time they spent working with a particular app or whole software during a week, month etc. Moreover, the Tools menu allows for adding notes.

All in all, WorkTime is robust software that gives its users numerous possibilities. Average users can control the time spent on scouting the net whereas company workers are provided with detailed reports about their workload.