GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment Download

A programming library is used to create graphical interfaces in computer programs. It was originally developed for GIMP, but is now used by many other applications. The package is free and its full name is The GIMP Toolkit. GTK + uses the C programming language in an object-oriented variant using the GObject technology. The library also supports other languages, such as C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby and JavaScript. This is where the GNOME and Xfce desktop environments are based. Supports, among others UTF-8 encoding or font smoothing. Additionally, it can handle many languages ​​at the same time. Recognizes the ATK support system for people with disabilities. It has an advanced Pango text display and manipulation mechanism. GTK + is released under the GNU LGPL license.

In addition to GIMP, GTK + is used by, among others popular Firefox web browser, AbiWord text editor, Chromium browser (used for work on Google Chrome), Inkscape (vector graphics editor) or Pidgin messenger.