IObit Uninstaller Download

IObit Uninstaller is an incredibly interesting tool for uninstalling any unnecessary and unused software which, amusingly, does not have to be installed itself. The program works similar to those tools that are build-in in your operating system, but proves to be much more effective.

IObit Uninstaller, along with its rudimentary features, has also a vast number of additional features and additions that prove useful in managing your software collection of the programs installed in the system. Among the main features of the program is its working in two modes: in the first, standard mode the program uses its standard uninstalling utitlities that your hard drive-based program have built-in. 

In the other mode IObit Uninstaller uses techniques that prove inevitable in the case of failing to delete a program with traditional methods. In such a case the program creates a system restoration safety entry, and then it removes all the files belonging to the program and scans the registry and file systems for any attached files.

If neither of these methods work, the last safety pin is Forced Uninstall feature that proves useful in removing the most problematic programs. Among useful additions is the feature that allows to manage updates, along with a special module for removing toolbars and other unnecessary additions to your browser - which are, unfortunately, installed very often with other free applications.