Kies Download

Kies is a free tool released by Samsung that helps you manage music and videos. The program allows you to connect your phone or smartphone to your computer and synchronize all the data stored on the device. It offers an easy way to transfer a list of contacts and messages, create and edit playlists of music, as well as transfer files between your PC and your smartphone.

One of the biggest advantages of the program is the ability to receive and install updates The application will automatically check for the latest Samsung mobile releases and allows users to perform safe upgrades of their equipment to the latest version. Using a link to the Samsung Apps store, you can look for new tools for your mobile phone which can be easily installed directly from your desktop. In addition to downloading various applications, with Kies you can subscribe podcasts on different topics.

Another great function lets you backup the entire contents of your phone. It ensures users, the data is safely stored on the device. The backing up process is as simple as pie since you are guided through the whole process by a friendly wizard. Simply select the specific items you want to copy, such as contacts, photos, videos, music, messaging, applications, and confirm.

You can connect using either a USB cable as well as over the wireless network. This allows a convenient way to synchronize data. But in order to update the firmware, the phone must be connected via a USB cable and the battery should be fully charged.
All in all, Kies is a must-have tool for any PC user with Samsung Android devices. It offers a reliable backup solution, protects your important data and syncs videos, music and photos.