Moborobo Download

Android-based phones dominated the market some time ago thanks to flexibility and low hardware requirements of this system. How can you manage your Android-run devices. Install Moborobo. This program allows you to manage your Android-based smartphones from your Windows PC. As the program is easy to navigate and helps to easily manage your smartphone, it's a great choice for all those who prefer to sort, search and organize the files on their smartphone from their computer. The application allows also to create backup copies of contacts and messages. You can create groups of contacts and then import and export data between your computer and a mobile device.

Along with forementioned features, Moborobo allows to send contacts from Android-based smartphones to Apple's devices such as iPhone (and the other way round), to install a substantial number of extra features (wallpapers, ringtones), to modify according to your taste your themes, effects and graphics. The program comes with a big file manager to sort all your multimedia files and to sync data such as music and movies. Furthermore, with this application you can create playlists, send text messages from your computer to a few people simultaneously, and to create their copies on your hard drive.