Stellarium Download

If you are a wannabe astronomer and you love looking up to the skies, then Stellarium is a must-have application. This program allows you to create your own planet observatory on your desktop. Among all the programs that let you watch the stars, Stellarium is the one that proves to be most accurate and truthful.

This application proves useful not only to the amateurs who have just embarked on the journey to watch the heavens, but also to experienced astronomers. In the rudimentary version of the program you are presented with the catalogue comprising as many as 600 000 stars. However, nothing stops you from broadening the base with more than 210 millions of stars. Stellarium has whole constellations and their elements (asterisms) in its base. Here you can also find the photos of nebulas, as well as realistically depicted Milky Way. Of course, there are also planets and their moons.

The authors of the program went for depicting reality and they also wanted to make the program as easy in use as possible. Therefore the interface of the program proves extremely simple. However, the application is equipped with all the tools you need to zoom in and out, control the time flow, and also navigate with your keyboard. Users can also create their own planetarium dome.

The program comprises the constellations of numerous cultures (such as the Western, Egiptian, Korean, and many more). It is also worth mentioning that the program truthfully depicts atmospherical conditions, dawns and dusks, fogs and eclipses. Stellarium can create truly realistic mood.

That is not all, as the program can also display equatorial and azimuthal grids. You can also see shooting stars, along with simulations of other astrological phenomena, such as supernovas and eclipses.

Yet another advantage of Stellarium is its support for all kinds of modules, plugins and extensions. You can easily and quickly add additional features to the program, allowing you to add satellites, new objects, and configuring your telescope.