Advanced IP Scanner Download

Receiving information about other computers connected to our Local Area Network (LAN) or Wi-Fi network seems to be a task for specialists. Nevertheless, with the use of Advanced IP Scanner some information such as IP address will no longer be a secret for you.

This application can detect other computers and show their available resources with a single click of a button. What is nice about the Advanced IP Scanner is that I comes with no price tag attached to it, so without spending a lot of money you can get fast and effective network scanning tool.

The application is robust enough to drive its own network scanner and offers enough cool features to satisfy the needs of net admins and other advanced users.There is also a Help file which comprises a 3-minute video tutorial along with a manual with screenshots. The installation process is quite fast so users can quickly get around its user-friendly interface. Once you open the program, click the 'Scan' button, and under the results button you will be able to view in real time the progress of the task as well as the Status, Name, IP, Manufacturer, and MAC Address of each computer. The app provides support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

Ease of use and friendliness are the first names of Advanced IP Scanner. There are sorts of options to help you get more information about the health of your network, what makes it a top dog on the network tools list.