mHotspot Download

MHotSpot is the software that makes one easier to divide wireless Internet connection. Its functions allow you to share the Internet to other devices and gadgets with a minimum effort.

An attractive advantage of using this program is the fact that it is free and it does not have to be installed. Besides, it connects as many devices as you wish, whereas a router may not be able to do it. Moreover, transfer speed as well as data usage can be monitored. In addition to this useful list of features, there is Access Point-Schema included in this app which grants one a possibility to access Wi-Fi Internet, even with unsophisticated models of mobile phones not to mention Smartphones or Androids.

The interface is simple and intuitive. It does not have complicated settings and its usage is light.

All things considered, MHotSpot is suitable for users who own numerous Wi-Fi devices. It is user-friendly and innovative and inarguably deserves attention.