Słownik angielsko-polski Download

Słownik angielsko-polski is an English to Polish Dictionary with a very simple interface and a database of over 18,000 passwords, both in every day and IT language.

  • It's super fast as everything appears as soon as you finish typing. searched for immediately.
  • It's also has a very tiny footprint so doesn't take up much space on your device.
  • The program, for such a large word base, is very light and does not take up a lot of memory resources during operation.
  • The dictionary works unilaterally so translations can only be translated from English into Polish.

The program interface is extremely simple . The first column shows the search results, while the second column shows the translation of the selected word. The dictionary also allows you to determine whether the keyword you are typing is a standalone word or if it is part of a longer word. Selecting the appropriate icons on the toolbar allows you to define whether the search results should also display words containing a given term, but with a different beginning or ending. For people who do not like the standard colours of the program, the creators gave the option to change the colours of individual panels. We can change the background for both the password display column and the column with explanations. The program will prove to be an irreplaceable help for people looking for a small program that will support their daily work with the English language. It will be appreciated by pupils and students, as well as people reading texts in English and wanting to quickly check the meaning of a single word.