Need for Speed Most Wanted demo Download

Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is the game designed especially for car racing fans. Street racing in Rockport City is not a trifle and players should be aware of it. Thanks to the game you can become a mysterious and elusive street racer and become involved with a gripping plot.

Regarding its options, users are provided with the choice to play up to 8 various cars over 6 trial runs. Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo offers some excellent car options and high-paced plot ardent players will appreciate.

The plot of the game involves escaping police officer Sergeant Cross. Players also have to handle with other street car races especially ‘Razor’ who is determined to steal your car.
Need for Speed is a few years old game so some players might find its graphics a bit archaic.
To sum it up, Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo has absorbing plot, exciting street racing, as well as breath-taking chasing scenes, all that drives interest in the game, despite the fact it is quite old. What else to say, it is perfect game for car maniacs and they definitely should test it.