The Sims 3 Download

The Sims 3 is a well-known life simulation game that have fans all around the world. Sims which are the characters of the game can walk around the city, meet new people and a number of other things people do. They are controlled by the players. The plot of the game concerns not only everyday life situations but also those more unusual ones such as house parties, ghosts, or crazy Sims. New version includes a new pleasant location, which moves along with the characters.
Before starting to play the game, users are required to design a Sim. Players are given numerous possibilities to create their characters. The user interface is eye-candy but the amount of options it includes is a bit overwhelming. Moreover, the game offers you two modes of playing. The first one lets players to live the life of the Sim, the other allows for building and designing your home. You can have a garden as well.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that Sims now have some wishes to compete with. Users when choosing perks for their characters at the same time produce lifetime wishes for them. Those wishes usually concern something difficult to reach. Users who attempt to achieve their characters wishes get additional points. Each day, smaller wishes appear but users can decide if they want to accept them or not.
Regarding the Sims 3 graphics as well as its performance it can be said that they are both quite impressive. Characters voices reflect the way they feel so users do not have to observe emotions that show up over their heads. Additionally, Sims 3 comes with a set of social features that enable users to share various things like pictures and videos with other players.

However, the game still has an irritating glitch such as time which moves slowly at some points during the game. Characters do some simple tasks for quite a long time.
All things considered, the Sims 3 offers its players an unique possibility to play with various characters designed according to their style. They can tinker with a great variety of possibilities when setting up their homes or making Sim characters. Needless to say, the game is worth trying it out.