AIDA64 Extreme Edition Download

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a very popular tool for identification of the installed software and the components that build your computer. This application is a follow-up of a successful and much appreciated by the users program Everest.

There is one thing that AIDA64 Extreme Edition does, and it does it quite well - it provides its users with all the information possible about all the components of thei computers, along with software such as drivers and registry entries. With this program you can easily access the information regarding the CPU, motherboard, memory, hard drives, graphic card, music card, TV card and any other devices.

Furthermore, AIDA64 Extreme Edition displays the information about software and the level of protection agains malware. The program supports most of the types of the sensors that are used by PC manufacturers. This way it is possible to monitor numerous values, such as voltage, working temperature, the clocking, speed of the fan, CPU multiplier, etc.

All the information can be displayed in a standard window, but we can also monitor the changes by placing a widget on the desktop or the taskbar. AIDA64 Extreme Edition is also equipped with a number of useful benchmarks - such as CPU perfomance tests, random memory tests, cache tests, data transfer speed tests, etc. Although there are so many options, the plain and intuitive interface makes it easy even for the beginning users to work with all the features of the program.

Trial version of the program allows the users to go for all the features for the period of 30 days.