RadioSure Download

There are numerous programs that allow you to listen to the radio via Internet, but there is something special about RadioSure. Not only does this application allow to browse among a long list of radio stations, but also to record audio streams and separate songs, all in MP3 format. As RadioSure supports radio stations' track information, the program displays all we need to know about a certain song.

The program offers an amazingly long list of radio stations we can listen to, with almost 23 thousand of them, all divided by criteria of a country and music genre. Since the interface of the application is user-friendly and intuitive, using this program is simply pleasurable. The fact that the lower part of its window looks a bit like a real radio player adds a nice touch to its looks. In the middle part of the window, there is an all-time-updated list of available stations - thanks to this feature you don't have to worry that you'll be unable to hear something you would love to.

All the radio stations can be sorted according to the country, language and music genre; there is, of course, a search engine that allows to look up a station by its name. Thanks to this feature you can find the radio stations you listen to on a daily basis, such as BBC Radio 2, Radio Scotland or Radio Manchester. By adding an apple symbol to the station you save it for quick access later.

RadioSure's interface can be further improved by applying one of many skins that are offered by the producers on their website.