Spyrix Free Keylogger Download

Whether you are a boss who wants to keep an eye on workers or a parent concerned about your children's computer activity, you will enjoy Spyrix Free Keylogger, a practical tools for tracking and registering all the activity happening on a computer. This program proves perfect when you want to make sure that some websites and services remain unaccessed. The basic features of the application allow to check the logs of all Web activity: every key that is pressed on a keyboard leaves a trace in the program. It lets you monitor passwords, create print screens, check browsing history, IM messages, chats and e-mails. Individual settings can be fixed, such as time when data should be collected, regularity of these actions (weekly, every day, etc.), you can also abolish certain pages and programs.

The biggest advantage of Spyrix Free Keylogger is its registering precision and the fact that it works in the background. On one hand it makes it almost invisible, on the other - allows to control the computer from being accessed in a way you do not approve of. Screenshots can be taken automatically each time current user changes active window but it is not revealed to him or her. Later you can see a list of the documents and programs that have been changed in a special tab. The program can be hidden from user so it only opens if you log in with your username and password.