MixPad Audio Mixer Download

If you feel like being a DJ, then MixPad Audio Mixer is a great way to spend an afternoon. This program covers a wide set of easily manageable music mixing tools that allow you to create your own music quickly and at the highest level. The application can mounch through more than 100 paths at the same time and in different file formats. In addition features such as ripping Audio CDs and cutting audio paths from films have also been applied. All these functions are bound to attract all music mixing enthusiasts.

MixPad Audio Mixer has a user-friendly, intuitive interface with navigating button that won't get you lost in the jungle of available functions. The paths you add are displayed in a list, horizontally, one under the other. You can easily sweep through a long list thanks to a handy bar. Multiple effects can be added to each of the paths, and you can also set volume and other parametres for each and every of them. The program allows you to freely mix all the paths in any way you can possibly imagine.  

Effects such as Amplify, Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, High Pass, Reverb and Equalizer are built in the program, but you can also create your own effects. Thanks to the fact that this application supports plugins and VST instruments you can enrich the program with your own features. 

Of course, you can also modify separate paths before adding some effects by cutting parts of them, muting, diving and moulding, as well as mending the volume level. There is also a configurable metronome in the program - you can choose your own music file to serve the role.

When you finished a project, you can export it to a number of formats such as MP3 and WAV. It's worth mentioning that you can also export a soundtrack to a video file and thus sync it with a pre-made video. All you have to do is to choose an AVI format file and set the time at which your music file should begin to be played in a movie.