Everything Download

If you are tired with slow and unreliable Windows Search tool, you should definitely consider changing to a lightweight, simple application that does not slow down your computer's performance. Everything is just such a real-time working search engine that allows you to browse search results while you are still typing the name.

Everything build an index of all the files from the picked-up partitions. This index is constantly updated when users add, remove and modify its elements. You can also set a hotkey that brings the application's window (in the settings). This way you can use its search engine withotu superfluous clicking with your mouse.

The biggest advantage of this program is its fast working. Any file can be found in just a couple of seconds (provided that you know the name of the file). You do not have to open any folders afterwards. The found files can be opened instantly from Everything's level. This application is a great alternative for the Windows Search tool.