Depreciation calculator Download

The depreciation calculator is a program with which you can plan and calculate depreciation costs. The counting can be done according to one of the four methods. The user has at his disposal the straight-line and degressive methods and two additional ones, which account for 30% of the costs in the first year, and in the following years according to the straight-line or degressive method, taking into account the depreciation premium.

  • Depreciation calculator is easy to use, and all content is divided into appropriate tabs.
  • The depreciation calculator has a built-in detailed GUS - KŚT classification along with information on rates.
  • Appropriate division into categories in the form of drop-down trees allows you to quickly find the items that interest us.
  • The application also includes a tab with a list of annual depreciation rates. Here, too, there is transparency and division into categories.
  • The application allows you to export data in the form of a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel).
  • In addition, the program includes various printouts, such as OT (fixed asset receipt), LT (fixed asset liquidation), MT (change of place of use).
  • The calculator also allows you to print a file and plan according to the linear method.

Although this tool isn't perfect, it is a great time saver and will get you the results you need quite quickly.