Virtual Audio Streaming Download

Virtual Audio Streaming is the software which functions as a wrapper of your sound card. It greatly improves its capabilities. Moreover, it allows users to record, broadcast and connect different kinds of sounds, from different sources (sound application, audio file, microphone, online music or chatting). It can be employed to record Skype conversations and eventually broadcast them. Additionally, it is worth to mention the fact that there is no quality loss of sounds that are transferred through Video Audio Streaming because the sound is passed through its internal loopback tunnel.

Virtual Audio Streaming interface is not the main window. It is neither particularly appealing nor intuitively configured. All the features can be accessed through the System Tray button. Switching between playback and recording devices thanks to programÔÇÖs tray menu is a breeze. Finally, Virtual Audio Streaming can be employed together with Magic Camera (a virtual webcam software) to stream video and audio files.

All things considered, Virtual Audio Streaming is a decent tool for users who are keen on broadcasting on website and recording sounds. It is competent software, however it does have some imperfections including its interface.