Sticky Notes Download

Post-it notes have gained its popularity thanks to its functionality. Sticky Notes is a small application that lets you keep all your thoughts, and reminders, and organize them on the computer desktop.

The program features nice and simple interface that is easy to work with, thanks to its intuitive approach. With the use of Sticky Notes, your ideas will never get lost. The application is free to try. But "easy-to-use" doesn't necessarily mean lacking in features; when you create a note, it allows you to change the title, choose a font and color for the text. What is more, user can add alarm to each item, which then can be set to ring once a day, week or month.
Sticky Notes sits silently in the system tray, to open the program right-click on its icon. From there, users can create and manage their Notes and change the program's settings. Another user-friendly function is the ability to configure hot keys.

The program allows users to create as many notes as they need, and locate them all over the desktop. There is also an extensive menu of actions, which lets users customize each note according to their preferences. Some of these options include the ability to change the font, size and color and some emphasis options.
Then, you can save all items or export them to file as TXT or RTF.

The most important fact about Sticky Note is that this nice and useful tool can be used on daily basis. The app can be handled by even the least experienced individuals.