Switch Sound File Converter Plus Download

If you are in need for a comprehensive yet easy to use and lightweight program for audio conversion, try Switch Sound File Converter Plus. Since there are several similar applications that allow users to change the format of their music files why should you use this one?

First of all, Switch Sound File Converter Plus has an intuitive, well-organized interface that makes the process easier. Moreover, minimal effort is required from the user, as all you have to do is to choose the files you want to convert, select the output format and destination folder, and everything else is left to the program. As the application is incredibly simple it will prove suitable even for newbies, but the more advanced users will appreciate highly useful customizable options.

The program supports files in MP3 and WAV input formats, but 21 different output file formats can be chosen. A few additional features improve the application even more, for example an access to the freeDB Internet Database for track listing information, or the option to run Switch in the background while you use other programs. It is also possible to pin the program's options to the right-click menu, so you don't even have to launch the application in a separate window to convert an audio file. You can learn about all the features of the program from its thorough HTML Help file that is delivered with the program.

All in all, while there are many audio converters, Switch Sound File Converter Plus can be recommended for every user.