100% Free Chess Download

There are very few chess programs that are 100% free. It is not a secret that this game is intellectually stimulating, so give a change to 100% Free Chess. This free chess board game allows you to choose among a number of modes of play to suit your level. To personalise the program you can choose your own avatar. The application proves aesthaetically pleasant, with a plain interface and a bit of cartoon touch that enriches gaming experience.

When you launch 100% Free Chess for the first time you are welcome with a tutorial that can guide you through the basic rules of the game. Create you profile and begin a game against the computer. Practice mode enables to play a training game so the beginners can get to know the rules and receive priceless advice from the virtual couch.

There are several modes of game to choose from. Though all of them aim at pretty much the same thing - checkmating the king of your opponent - you can go for a few different options to avoid boredom. Apart from classic mode (typical game, endless time for moves) there is Speed mode (5 minutes for a move), Progressive mode (increasing number of moves to make), kamikaze mode - sacrificing your pawns is the key to success. The most interesting mode is called Fischer - there you begin your game with a random setting of figures on the checkboard.

100% Free Chess proves visually pleasant, figures change between 2D and 3D according to the size of the window. All the moves you make are animated, and overall colours seem very nice to the eye.

We strongly recommend installing the game, whether your a chess expert or a total beginner who wants to test his Kasparov wits.