Plants vs. Zombies Download

There are some days when you just have to take your time to play a game that offers nothing but entertainment. Plants vs. Zombies is one of these time consumers that you cannot simply shrug off. Though its name may not make much sense to you, don't fret over this fact; after all, this game aims at being addictive.

High-quality graphics are a standard for PopCap Games, a company that has made its household name with products such as Zuma or Dynomite Deluxe. So what are you expected to do in this yet another ingenious creation? Well, it's exactly what its name suggests: use the plants you have In your front yard to protect your house from zombies. Plants need certain amounts of points to be planted; these points (or “sunshine”) can be gained by planting sunflowers. But how do plants help to evade zombies getting into your home? To ensure they keep off your soil, there is a variety of weapons, with the pea shooter as the rudimentary one. As time goes by, you can unlock other plants – these are able to block, blow up, and do other nasty things to the unstoppable army of undead. Mini-games and puzzles that enrich the experience are also included.

To help you even more, you have one more ace up your sleeve – that is, an extensive Readme file that offers help and advice on your game.

Plants vs. Zombies comes in a 30 minutes long trial period, so beware – it is difficult to put it down after just half an hour and you will surely be tempted to buy a full version. After all, this game is precisely what it should be – it's challenging, funny, and incredibly difficult to put down.