Grand Theft Auto III RealGTA3 mod Download

Grand Theft Auto III ReadGTA3 mod is a rich mode for Grand Theft Auto III game. It completely changes the environment and game modes. A variety of add-ons makes Liberty City resemble real American cities even more: new cars by well-known manufacturers, weapons, building, bridges as well as objects known from real life (such as the Liberty's Statue). Each and every car was individually pre-manufactured, shops known from reality have been placed in the game, weapons are now more deadly, repeating trees have been changed and bridges have been added in places that were previously unavailable for players.

Mod Grand Theft Auto III RealGTA3 is a collection of alternative modifications made by fans from all over the world and put into one single game. It's worth attention not only because of numerous objects known from real life (cars, billboards, weapons), but also new game modes for both single player and multiplayer. Furthermore, quality of textures and graphics has been improved ("new" water, grass, roads, palms, etc), while the atmosphere itself resembles GTA Vice City.