SpeedBit Video Downloader Download

SpeedBit Video Downloader is another easy to use program that allows you to download and convert videos from a variety of different websites. The app supports many popular services, including YouTube, Dailymotion, LiveLeak, Megavideo, Facebook, LiveVideo, MyVideo or Vimeo. The program is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

SpeedBit Video Downloader is very easy to use, simply visit the website where the video is located and click the flashing "Download and Convert video" button to start downloading the clip in a new window. During the download, the program displays information about the progress, download speed, file size and URL address. SpeedBit Video Downloader is also equipped with a converter, thanks to which we can easily change the target file format, or save the audio track itself from the file.

Note: During installation, SpeedBit Video Downloader changes the start page of the browser by default. To avoid this, uncheck the "Set and keep SPEEDbit Search as homepage & default search" option.