Active WebCam Download

Feeling a bit Bondish today? Active WebCam is an interesting program for monitoring and registering computer activity with a web camera. The program can get up to 30 framers per second from a vast variety of different video devices (such as web camera, analogous cameras, USB cameras, or TV cameras). This application can stream that material from a PC or save it on an FTP server, so transmitted video can be watched in your Internet browser. The biggest advantage of the program is the ability to record and stream data simultaneously from a virtually unlimited number of cameras.

Among the most interesting features of Active WebCam is the fact that it can spot movement in a monitored area. You can set surveillance for the whole spot covered by the camera. If an unwanted person comes close to a computer, the program emits a sound alarm, sends an e-mail notification to a defined address with a screenshot of the "crime scene" and starts to record and transmit video online. Interestingly, recording vision and sound can be secured with a password and hidden so a spied person does not become suspicious.

Furthermore, Active WebCam allows to create virtually any number of windows with a new camera, allowing to observe a few activities simultaneously. It can also search for plugged cameras, open recorded video materials from various cameras, create its own place in the Web to browse these files. Videos can be edited and saved, and a schedule for recording can be set. The program converts video files to most popular formats such as AWLive, AVI, WMV, MPEG.