Winstep Xtreme Download

Winstep Xtreme is a program that allows you to make radical changes in your Windows OS appearance without bringing substantial changes to its functionality and using comfort. This program changes the way your operating system looks, but it has not impact on its important features.

Winstep Xtreme consists of a couple of programs, such as NextSTART, which changes the appearance of your Start Menu, the Task Toolbar and the Control Panel, along with WorkShelf, which completely changes the appearance and layout of your desktop. There are also tools that are responsible for launching programs and that improve documents' organization.

Another interesting adition to the program is a module called NeXuS, which is responsible for faster and more effective launching of all your applications. The icing on the cake is FontBrowser, an application which allows to quickly and easily modify the fonts in the whole user interface, along with Start Menu Organizer, which allos to effectively and simply modify and put in order whole Start Menu.