Animoids 3D Movie Maker Download

Animoids 3D Movie Maker is an interesting tool that lets you create and animate 3D models from scratch, teach them behaviors then make 3D movie scenes in QuickTime, AVI, or Animated GIF format. Animoids comes integrated with an online database of 3D art with tons of starter models, sounds, textures, behaviors, movie sets and scenes, that can applied to build an animated video.

The starter model can be controlled with your mouse, and you can apply to it motion and personality. The program allows you to easily cut and paste between different pieces of body to make outstanding effects. The diversity of tools proves that the program is amazingly complex. You can find there tools for stretching, shaping, coloring and many more.

The program requires a certain amount of animation knowledge to get a grips of its extraordinary set of features, but with a bit of effort it can be mastered by most users.