ProduKey Download

It is extremely important to save Product ID and CD Key codes in an accessible place, in case you want to reinstall your OS and can’t remember where you put it. The same history with SQL Server and Exchange Server.
Therefore, it is good idea to know that product such as ProduKey exists. This simple and free utility recovers the Product ID and CD Key for Microsoft Office, Windows, SQL Server, and Exchange Server. The program presents itself with simple and well-organized interface. A Web-based Help file briefly explains how to get around this simple tool.

The program works blazingly fast, showing all entries and product keys in matter of seconds. The main window covers all the essential information for each application, such as product name, product ID, product key, computer name and modified date. Since it's responsible for such a simple task, ProduKey has friendly impact on computer resources.

Overall, ProduKey is a top dog in its category, works surprisingly fast, being able to show the product keys for the applications installed on your computer.