Hard Time Download

Hard Time is a unique game, known as a simulator of survival in prison. In a bleak future, inhabited by more criminals than citizens, we take the role of a character who went to Southtown prison. Our goal is to survive in the most rigorous prison, and interact with other inmates.

First of all, we define the profile of our hero such as, name, weight, height, appearance (hair color, clothing, posture), strength, intelligence and agility. Regarding attributes, we are given 20 points, so that anyone can create a unique character (stronger, more intelligent, etc.). Finally, select the reason we were thrown in jail, which will influence the fate of the hero (murder, prostitution, etc.).

The gameplay in Hard Time is presented from the perspective of a third person. We visit the whole prison, talk with other prisoners, make money, and if necessary, we must fight with other inmates. The games offers the possibility to gain more attributes by performing various activities, for example reading books increases intelligence, training at the gym increases strength, and so on. The game is divided into days and hours that are essential when it comes to the performance of the mission. The graphics are nice, but the animation can slow down a little bit. However, the non-linearity and the diversity of the game, makes it attractive for many users.