Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Download

Adobe After Effects is one of the most comprehensive tools for creating motion graphics or visual effects.

It is worth mentioning, that this program takes time to download and install. Plus, it is quite resource hungry. When you fire up the software, the Welcome Screen invites to use the application both beginners and more advanced users alike.

When designing a new material, users can use different options to customize it, simply by adding text, adjust colors, lights, as well as add new distinct layers. Users can view their project as a flowchart, what ensures smooth playback of its elements.

It supports a lot of formats along with photographs, 3D effects, vector graphics, text, and music. All of the components can be combined in various ways to create sophisticated animations and effects. With support for 64-bit systems, it allows you to work on the computer without having to worry about any slows down.
The powerful capabilities of Adobe After Effects CS5.5 allows you to create interaction between animation and effects, separate the background from the objects and add to them special effects, animation. But you can also convert to FLV format and import the finished composition into Adobe Flash Proffesional, where you can add other improvements. In addition, the program supports mobile devices, allowing you to transfer between devices ready-made animations and apply the changes.