Hotspot Shield Elite Download

Hotspot Shieldis a simple approach specifically designed to establish secure tunnels over the internet connection  to secure your browsing experience. Apart from ensuring anonymity online, a VPN can also keep your connection secure as it can exchange your IP address by routing the connection through the company’s servers.

There are two editions currently available. One free of charge and add supported, and a paid product Hotspot Shield Elite, which is clean of ads and slightly richer in options and features.

Even though these two versions are pretty similar,  faster  and more stable browsing and lacks of adds make Hotspot Shield Elite stiff competitor from its freeware brother. The inclusion of cloud-based protection against different kinds  of online threats ensures worry- free surfing. One shouldn't get infected by anything that may damage the system.

Hotspot Shield Elite is a subscription-based  tool for protecting your computer data while surfing unsecure WiFi hotspots.

How does it work? Basically it secures your internet connection by creating a kind of tunnel between your computer and the developer's website, called Anchorfree. This tunnel uses VPN technology in order to protect your online identity and data from the whims hackers and snoopers.. Additionally, Elite users benefit from complete protection against malware and suspected websites and phishing. As you browse the internet, your data cannot be tracked.

You can check whether the application is active or not,  if the tray icon is red, it means  you are moving around the Internet as usual, when it turns green,  an active VPN connection is running.

Among the best things about Hotspot Shield Elite though is the ability to because it allows you to view sites in the USA which are restricted to outside users. This particularly applies to video sites such as Hulu or Pandora restricted videos on YouTube.

All things considered, Hotspot Shield Elite is one of the most trusted privacy solution for accessing the Internet through a secured Internet connection thus  protecting your online data. It’s easy to install and use app that connects immediately to the VPN when detects an unsecure network.