Cross Fire Download

Cross Fire is a first person shooter action type of game that enables users to join other players online.
The process of installation the game lasts a few minutes. After completing the installation, users need to choose the screen name and the character. They can play the role of a Russian OMOH soldier, US S.W.A.T. member or British SAS. Users are provided with plethora of guns to arm themselves with. The game menus are quite complicated, but it is not obligatory to spend time to trying to set up the game. After joining game servers, which by the way is a piece of cake, users will be introduced with a list of games they can play, or they can create their own.

The game includes the following four game modes: the classic Team Death Match, Elimination, Search and Destroy, and Ghost Mode. In the Ghost Mode players are disguised, armed with knives and they need to sneak around to annihilate the target. Team Death Match, which is probably the most popular mode, is fast paced and offers a lot of shooting. The controls are standard for a FPS and work well. The game graphics are not particularly impressive, however, they are satisfactory. The sound is excellent and creates the tension.
All things considered, Cross Fire is a perfect game for users who are keen of shooting and fighting and like action type of game.