Minecraft Version Changer Download

Minecraft Version Changer is a very interesting and easy to use program that can easily switch between the Minecraft’s versions. If you do not like the latest version, or just want to come back to the previous game, Minecraft Version Changer is the perfect choice.

Minecraft Version Changer works only with Windows operating system and allows users to see how the officially presented and published versions of Minecraft looked like. With this application, you can even run Alpha and Beta versions, as the program automatically detects it and remakes the installed version on your hard drive.

The program is very easy to use and is limited to a few steps. First of all, select the target version from the list, click on it and press the ‘Change’ button, and Minecraft Version Changer does the rest. After a few moments, Minecraft Version Changer displays a message informing about the completed task. You are allowed to change the current version and return to the latest offered by developers, at any time you wish.