Slender: The Eight Pages Download

Slender: The Eight Pages is the original first –time person horror game, which is a combination of psychological and survival horror. Our task is to find eight pages about a mysterious figure called the Slender Man. The strength of this title is the climate, which keeps in suspense until the last minute. When we proceed with collecting manuscripts, we have less and less time to find another.

The paranormal creature is the Slender Man, which is described as a tall and thin man, wearing a black clothes with a blank face. As the legend says, Slenderman is able to stretch or shorten his arms, and can cause different diseases like memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits, and more. It can also teleport.

While traveling in the world of Slender: The Eight Pages, you will find different tips that will help you get to the end of the game. What's more, if you do not do it on time, the task will not be completed. This will lead to a change in storytelling, so the game can be completed several times, revealing new secrets.
The game Slender: The Eight Pages is characterized by schizophrenic representation of first-person, while the hero has only a short-range torch at his disposal. In order to find all the manuscripts, we follow the deserted forest at night or closed building complexes. Along the way , you will meet tense moments, which are largely amplified by dark musical setting and sounds known from thrillers. All of these makes the atmosphere more creepy.

Here are the controls to the game :

Mouse -- Look around
W,A,S & D -- Move
Left Shift -- Sprint
Left Mouse Click -- Pick up pages
Right Mouse Click -- Flashlight
Q & E -- Zoom in/out