Video Edit Master Download

Video Edit Manager is a comprehensive tool that allows you to merge a few video files in one whole movie. The biggest advantage of the program is the fact that, apart from putting together whole video files it allows also to connect fragments from certain movies and put them into a whole. Thanks to this feature, this program is more flexible than other applications of this kind.

Video Edit Master makes video merging far less complicated and even those who have never before challenged their video editing skills. The program has an interface that, though seems to be "nothing special" has all the features within the reach of a hand and proves to be quite intuitive. Apart from the list of files on which you are working, in the program you can also play the video you are currently working in, along with a navigation menu.

To begin the editing process you have to first import video files to your project by choosing a specific option in Menu Files > Add to project. All the files you pick up will be placed in Project Files panel - this field is a kind of a container for all the materials that you have worked on or will be working on. From this place you can choose a certain fragment to cut out or just add whole files. After making your decisions you can begin the process of merging the files.

The program dooesn't have any advanced settings and preferences - all the features are visible in the main window. Video Edit Master is a simple tool that allows to quickly and easily put together video files (also taking into consideration certain parts of the video clips) without superfluous hundreds of options.