C-Free Download

C-Free 5 is a freeware, yet completely professional IDE environment provider for C++ language. The program support numerous different compilers. The authors of the program aimed at creating an environment that would provide the users with all the features they may need to effectively write in C++ while making the program fast and lightweight.

Although it is quite minuscule in size, C-Free 5 offers all the features that programmers may need, making it a truly powerful tool for all C++ developers. First and foremost, the program supports numerous C++ compilers. Apart from MinGW, the program supports Cygwin, Borland C++ Compilter, Microsoft C++ Compiler, Intel C++ Compiler, Lcc-Win32, Open Watcom C/C++, Digital Mars C/C++ and Ch Interpreter.

In the program itself you will find numerous additional features such as colouring the syntax so the program highlight certain parts of the code in various colours. To speed up the programming processm the program has also a feature for auto-filling the code while you are typing it. The program also helps you in choosing right classes and arguments. C-Free makes it also easier to navigate the code by allowing you to quickly look up for references and switch to certain declarations and definitions.

C-Free 5 has a classic interface with its outline typical for programming environments. You begin working with the program by creating a new project - the program will then build a folder tree for it. You choose the type of the project - for example a windows application - and its location. You can create a completely plain project or use the creator. The central part of the window shows the code, and on the sides you can find toolbars with the list of symbols and classes, and a navigation bar where you can find all the files of your project. In the bottom part of the window you can see a notification bar that displays information about eventual code errors, and other messages.