TouchCopy Download

TouchCopy is a program for the owners of Apple devices. After plugging an iPhone, iPada or an iPod it allows to manage the whole content of the device. The program allows to browse photos, lists of contacts, call lists, copy new files, synchronize the calendar, and many more. TouchCopy allows also to display the message archive, synchronize the notes created on the phone and display the list of websites browsed with Safari.

The program has a very intuitive interface. You navigate between various sections of the device by using sidebar menu where you can find links to certain features. By choosing a certain tab you go to display information and eventual additional navigation bars (such as catalogue trees in case of photos).

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the program is a built-in file manager for all the files on a device. After goind to Files tab you will see an explorer similar to Windows Explorer. In a sidebar you will find a catalogue tree listing all the files and folders on the device, while on the right side you will see the list of files and you will be able to create new folders directly on the device. You are also able to remove old files and create new folders directly on the device. You can also move files between the folders and add new files from your hard drive. There is also an Apps tab that displays the list of applications installed on your device. Applications can be copied onto your computer or synchronized with iTunes.