MyPublicWiFi Download

MyPublicWiFi is a freeware application that allows to turn your computer into a wireless access point and router. Each and every person who stays close to it can connect to your virtual network and use the Internet through the connection shared by your computer.

The program is a very good solution, when you want to temporarily set up an access point in a hotel, on a business meeting or for home use. You can also easily broaden the access abilities of your current WiFi network. The program is lightweight, but has a vast number of useful features that allow you to block the access to certain features (such as peer-to-peer programs), or track the browsing history of websites visited by using your virtual hotspot.

MyPublicWiFi has a simple and pleasant interface that has all the features presented in a small window divided into three tabs. To create your own hotspot you have to fill in a few brackets, such as the name of the network, the password (minimum 8 characters) and decide if you want to share your Internet connection with other users. You can use any name for your network, but remember, that SSID name will be visible for all the users. Having created the hotspot you can allow other users to access it by connecting to it by looking up the SSID name on the list of available wireless networks.

Clients Tab allows to check the list of devices that are currently connected to your virtual access point. MyPublicWiFi displays the IP address, the name of the device and the MAC address of its ethernet card. At any moment you can set certain security measures by launching the firewall in Management tab.