RPG Maker XP Download

RPG Maker XP is a tool for Game Masters and all other people playing role playing games (RPG). The program allows to create you own maps, important for conducting your own game sessions. This application provides you with a set of advanced tools, such as maps' editor and other utilities.

RPG Maker XP provides you with a map divided with a grid that allows you to add all the elements that build the landscape in case of your game. You can add scenery elements - trees, roads, lakes and rivers, building and fences, etc. Each of the elements is placed in a certain category, allowing you to quickly find the objects you are interested in.

Apart from adding unliving objects, you can also include characters. There are both opponents (such as monsters and AI characters) as well as your players' characters along with their statistics. The program has been created to suite Windows XP operating system, and it may not prove stable in the newer versions of Microsoft's OS.