Winmail Opener Download

Winmail Opener is certainly useful for anyone sending or receiving e-mail in one of the older versions of Microsoft Outlook for example 97 or 2000. This application allows users to display and extract the contents of messages from these sources. Several e-mails clients which are used today do not support  the rich-text message contents and attachments from these Outlook applications, so Winmail Opener provides users with a freeware solution to this problem.

With Winmail Opener you can open all the messages saved in TNEF format, as well as decode and display RTF-formatted text messages and all the attached attachments. Apart from this, the program supports the increasingly popular and undeniably comfortable drag-and-drop feature. Messages in winmail.dat format are very often generated by Microsoft Outlook suite users.

Winmail has a traditional Windows look and feel to it with drop-down menus. It also has full Windows drag-and-drop capabilities so it is easy to move text and attachments from an e-mail to a document or other location. Text is displayed in a center window with a scroll bar with attachments in a sidebar window. This freeware application supports users in 13 languages and is small in size, so it uses little memory or disk space.

This application is a perfect solution in case of incompatibility problems.